Solar Edge Optimisations

If you already have a Solar PV system on your roof, voltage optimisation offers a complementary technology which could benefit you further. In order to satisfy the regulations concerning power supply (G83), your inverter matches its power output to the supply coming into the building from the grid.

This could be anything from 207v to 253v. By installing voltage optimisation on the consumer side of the incoming solar power supply this would also be optimised to, adding further to energy savings and increasing the units of energy exported to the grid.

The night time, while the solar pv system is dormant, is for many people the time that most power is used. By fitting a voltage optimisation system, Solar PV owners are adding a second green technology and making it possible to save power and reduce carbon emissions 24/7.

You can view the benefits of Solar Panel Optimisation here:

  • A reduction in the overall energy use in the home
  • As systems use the PV generated electricity first this mean a reduced bill for imported electricity
  • Reduced wear and tear on appliances resulting in a longer service life – especially when using the power from the PV array which is higher voltage than the mains supply
  • Installation is 2 wires in 2 wires out
  • Reduced voltage to inverter reduces heat build up in the Inverter
  • Reduces heat buildup and consequent losses
  • Reduces cut out frequency
  • Improves lifespan of inverter
  • Reduces overall electricity use

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