Solar Edge HD Wave Inverter System

The SolarEdge system contains power optimisers linked to each component, a PV inverter and module-level monitoring. Furthermore, SolarEdge systems have an integral safeness feature, Safe DC, which removes safety hazards during unit installation, maintenance and firefighting.
The SolarEdge System does the following:
1. Auto shut-down of PV arrays during crisis shut-down.
2. Lowers and keeps the voltage in every DC conductors below 50V.

Maintenance and Firefighting Safety

After the strings are linked to the SolarEdge inverter and the PV system is working, the system runs at a set DC voltage of 350V (solo stage systems) or up to 425V to surface (three stage systems).

For maintenance or firefighting purposes, shutting down the AC electric power will automatically decrease the DC voltage to 1V per power optimiser. This is done in another of several methods:

1. Shutting down the key AC breaker
2. Turning the inverter ON/OFF swap to OFF
3. Turning the AC/DC Safeness Transition to OFF
4. Pressing the Firefighter Gateway swap (available if gateway is installed; SolarEdge systems have full basic safety functions also if Firefighter Gateway is not installed.

Arc Prevention

As well as the built in protection top features of the SolarEdge system, SolarEdge inverters are UL1699B skilled, providing NEC 2011 690.11 compliance
1.Installation Safety
If the SolarEdge vitality optimisers aren’t linked to a operating SolarEdge inverter, both limit their productivity to a safe voltage of 1V. Which means that during assembly, long strings of ability optimisers can be linked without creating a higher DC voltage. For instance if 19 electricity optimisers are linked in series, the string voltage will be 19V.


High DC voltages created by PV arrays can be dangerous if not properly governed. Traditional string and central inverters have a restricted ability to regulate DC string voltage and for that reason cause a risk to people living or working near a wide range. The SolarEdge system, using its built-in Safe DC system and arc reduction functions, is the best answer to ensure complete basic safety for PV installers, maintenance staff and firefighters

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